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VTX 1300 R/S/T Big Boy Seat, Passenger Seat and Sissy Bar Pad - Plain or Studded

VTX 1300 R/S/T Big Boy Seat, Passenger Seat and Sissy Bar Pad - Plain or Studded
VTX 1300 R/S/T Big Boy Seat, Passenger Seat and Sissy Bar Pad - Plain or Studded
  • Product Code: 3P-15090 and 3P-15901

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Our Big Boy seat is designed to sit the driver 1 inch higher and 1 inch further from the handlebars than the seating position of the Honda® OEM stock seat, depending on your weight and size. We recommend the Big Boy for drivers 6 foot or taller and weighing more than 220 pounds. If you are under 220 pounds, you will sit one inch further back from the handlebars that your stock seat. If you are around 240 pounds you will sit in the same position to the handlebars as your stock seat (depending on your butt size). If you are 250 pounds or over, you will sit a little close to the handlebars than your stock seat (depending on your butt size). Our Honda® VTX 1300 R/S/T Big Boy is designed so you sit in the seat, not on the seat. The Big Boy seat is 17 inches wide.

The Ultimate passenger seat is 14" wide with comfort to spare. The passenger seat has been designed with a steeper nose angle to help prevent the passenger from sliding forward into the driver. The same high quality comfort memory foam that is in the driver seat is in the passenger seat, and it has been molded to give your very important passenger the Ultimate support. (put them in comfort heaven).

Honda® OEM passenger seat WILL NOT fit with the Ultimate VTX 1300 R/S/T Big Boy seat. Honda® OEM driver seat WILL NOT fit with the Ultimate passenger seat.

Note: "LeatherLyke" saddlebags will not fit properly with the Big Boy seat without spacing the bags out half an inch.

Ultimate Removable Driver Backrest

All Ultimate VTX 1300 R/S/T Big Boy seats have the driver backrest hardware built into them, so you can add the backrest at any time.

  • Pad measures 7" high by 10" wide by 1.5" thick.
  • Built using the same memory foam as our seats.
  • Infinite tilt to match your back angle.
  • Backrest folds down forward for easily mounting and dismounting your VTX.
  • Adjustment forward and back is more than 2 inches.
  • Adjusts with a thumb screw while you're riding.
  • Includes zipper storage pouch that velcros to the back of the backrest.
  • NOTE: THE 1300 R / S / T Big Boy Driver Backrest is not removable while the passenger seat is installed.

Detachable storage pouch measures 9"W x 6"H and is protected by the driver backrest built in rain flap.

Note: Driver Backrest for the VTX 1300 R/S/T Big Boy Seat is not removable with the Ultimate passenger seat installed.

Ultimate Sissy Bar Pad

The large Ultimate sissy bar pad is 12" wide and 8" high. It sits your passenger 10 degrees straighter than the stock pad, which helps elminate back fatigue on long rides. The pad comes with stainless steel screws and fits on your Honda® sissy bar. We also manufacture sissy bar pads that will fit other aftermarket sissy bars.

When you place your order, we will ask you which make and model sissy bar you have and whether its 2, 3 or 4 bolt mount configuration. We'll also need the measurements, from center of bolt to center of bolt, of where the pad mounts to the sissy bar. The links below will help you determine which sissy bar you have:

Leather Versus Vinyl and Rain Covers

Leather seating in our homes or vehicles works well for some users however leather seats do not weather well left out in the sun and rain.
In my opinion, there are no advantages with a leather seat on a motorcycle.
Most people cannot visually tell the difference between our premium marine grade Vinyl and Leather unless they are side by side and then it needs to be pointed out which is which.
Neither Leather or Vinyl breathes except through the stitching.
Neither seats, Vinyl or Leather are waterproof. A Vinyl seat will let water in through the stitching and Leather will do the same and also soak through the hide if it gets really wet.
Durability is similar but our premium Vinyl will hold its shape and new look longer than Leather.
A rain cover should be used to prevent water from seeping through the stitches into the comfort foam.
We recommend you cover your seats with our waterproof ride on rain covers when your bike is sitting or riding in the rain.

Enjoy the ride again,

Seating Position
Seat Height1" higher than Honda® OEM Seat.
Distance from Handlebars1" further back than Honda® OEM Seat.
Seat Dimensions
Driver Seat Width17"
Passenger Seat Width14"
Driver Backrest
Location of Backrest BracketRider Seat
Passenger Backrest / Sissy Bar Pad
Large Pad Height8"
Large Pad Width12"
Seat Compatibility
Seat CompatibilityHonda® OEM passenger seat WILL NOT fit with the Ultimate VTX 1300 R/S/T Big Boy seat. Honda® OEM rider seat WILL NOT fit with the Ultimate passenger seat.