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These are a few comments from many of our customers:

If you are looking for the ultimate in long ride comfort, this is it.
It feels like your butt has gone to heaven.
Now you can have the ride you have been waiting for.
Before I buy a new bike I make sure Ultimate makes a seat for it first.

All Ultimate seats are designed with your ultimate comfort as the first priority. Our design expertise guarantees to give you a long distance, no numbum ride with our excluseive comfort memory foam (our secret). We also properly engineer our seats with the correct nose angle design, which prevents you from sliding forward. You sit in our seat, not on it!

Quality Parts, Materials and Workmanship Are #1

Base Pans (lifetime warranty):

Since 2005, our new base pans are built using a revolutionary process of injection molded fiber reinforced rigid urethane. This provides a solid, yet semi flexible support for our one piece molded memory foam cushions. Our pans are very strong and lightweight. Rubber contact pads are included on the bottom where ever the pan touches the motorcycles frame.

Every motorcycle model has a different shape. Therefore, to ensure proper fitment, we build a new mold for each and every new pan. Our base pan locating and attachment brackets are all steel parts and are black zinc electroplated for the best available corrosion resistance. We chrome plate our rider backrest lower posts, upper posts, hinges and other exposed seat brackets with a brilliant finish. All of our fasteners are stainless steel for rust free lifetime. Whenever possible, we try to make it so that our seats mount on the bike at the OE mounting points.

Foam and covers (one year warranty)

We manufacture our controlled density memory foam in molds which are built for each and every seat. This allows for each and every seat to be manufactured to the exact same shape, size and specification.

We use the finest available marine grade vinyl for our seat covers. They look and feel like leather, but have much better resistance to the weather elements. We do not use plastic between our foam and cover like the original seat that came on your motorcycle because we want our seats to breathe. Manufacturing our motorcycle seats without the sheet of plastic between the vinyl and foam allows for a cooler ride. Our seat cover panels are designed and cut using a computer controlled, state of the art machine that maintains tolerances to half a millimeter. These cover panels are meticulously hand sewn together by our skilled in house trained sewers. Our decorative studs are solid brass and chrome plated and will not tarnish. We also offer many options of color and embroidered logos for your personalized seat.

We guarantee our seats are the best and most comfortable. So much so, we back it up with our 14 day trial period. If you're not happy for any reason, you can return the seat for a refund (click here for more details).

Enjoy the ride, again. 


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