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Spyder RT Seat (2020 and Newer)

Spyder RT Seat (2020 and Newer)
Spyder RT Seat (2020 and Newer)
Spyder RT Seat (2020 and Newer)
Spyder RT Seat (2020 and Newer)
Spyder RT Seat (2020 and Newer)
  • Product Code: 10650 and 12650

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Our Ultimate Spyder RT Seats are designed with your Ultimate comfort as our first priority and to provide the driver and passenger with proper lateral support for the butt cheeks and a deeper bucket in the seats for more secure cornering. You sit in our seat, not on it. We found the stock seats to be far too soft with no lateral support, we fixed that.

In the driver portion the seats are 16 inches wide and have a built in 7 inches high lower back support... so when you twist that throttle open, the seat gives you great support.

For full back support and total ultimate comfort add our fully adjustable, fold down driver backrest to your seat. The OEM Can-Am® driver backrest does not work in our Ultimate seats.

Our passenger seats are 17 inches wide and provide full support around the butt and designed with correct nose angle, which prevents you from sliding forward.

Our Midrider seat will sit you at the same height and same distance to the handlebars as the stock seat.

Our Reduced Reach seat will sit you at the same height as the stock seat and one and a half inches further forward to the handlebars compared to the stock seat. The Reduced Reach seat was designed for regular to shorter height drivers 5’ 9” or less and will sit you in a more comfortable position with some bend in your elbows for better and easier control of your Spyder.

Our seats are offered with full plug and play heating systems including the passenger backrest.

Now you can have the ride you've been waiting for.

Ultimate Removable Driver Backrest

The OEM Can-Am® driver backrest does not work in our Ultimate seats.

All Ultimate Spyder RT seats have the driver backrest hardware built into them, so you can add the backrest at any time. The driver backrest quickly and easily slides in and out with a built in spring loaded plunger lock that is part of the backrest hardware permanently mounted inside the seat.

  • Pad measures 7" high by 10" wide by 1.5" thick.
  • Built using the same memory foam as our seats.
  • Infinite tilt to match your back angle.
  • Backrest folds down forward for easily mounting and dismounting your Spyder.
  • Adjustment forward and back is more than 2 inches.
  • Adjusts with a thumb screw while you're riding.
  • No need to remove the seat or use a wrench.
  • Includes zipper storage pouch that Velcro’s to the back of the backrest.

Detachable storage pouch measures 9"W x 6"H and is protected by the driver backrest built in rain flap.

Ultimate Passenger Backrest

Our passenger backrest is 2 inches further back than the Can-Am® OEM backrest which gives the passenger much needed room front to back and also provides proper lean angle over the OEM passenger backrest.

RT Fuel Door

All Ultimate 2020 and up model RT seats come included with a fuel door that is built into the seat so there is no need to lift the seat to refuel.

Heated Seat Option

We offer both heated and non-heated seats. Ultimate seats for the Can-Am® RT are plug and play and operate from your OEM controls.

Ride-On Rain Covers

We recommend you cover your seats with our waterproof ride on rain covers when your bike is sitting or riding in the rain.

Enjoy the ride again,