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Cross Roads / Cross Country / Hard-Ball Stock Sissy Bar Pad Cover

Cross Roads / Cross Country / Hard-Ball Stock Sissy Bar Pad Cover
Cross Roads / Cross Country / Hard-Ball Stock Sissy Bar Pad Cover
  • Product Code: 19800

Our Midrider seat will sit you at the same height and the same distance to the handlebars as your stock seat. Our Victory® Cross Road / Cross Country / Hardball Midrider is designed so you sit in the seat, not on the seat. The Midrider driver section of the seat is 17 inches wide. The passenger section of the seat is 15 inches wide with comfort to spare and fits with all passenger backrest sissy bars.

FITMENT NOTES: The seat will touch passenger grab rails, if grab rails are installed. Seat WILL NOT FIT with California Sidecare Trike Kit Installed.

All Ultimate Cross Road / Cross Country / Hardball Midrider seats have the driver backrest hardware built into them, so you can add the backrest at any time.

  • Pad measures 7" high by 10" wide by 1.5" thick.
  • Built using the same memory foam as our seats.
  • Infinite tilt to match your back angle.
  • Backrest folds down forward for easily mounting and dismounting your Cross Roads / Cross Country / Hard-Ball.
  • Adjustment forward and back is more than 2 inches.
  • Adjusts with a thumb screw while you're riding.
  • No need to remove the seat or use a wrench.
  • Includes zipper storage pouch that velcros to the back of the backrest.

Detachable storage pouch measures 9"W x 6"H and is protected by the driver backrest built in rain flap.

Your OEM Victory driver backrest will work in our seat if your lower post that goes into the seat receiving bracket does not have a hole drilled through it, some do and some don't, if it has the hole the post must be cut off above the hole.

We suggest you consider the following situation before deciding the continued use of the Victory backrest. The backrest lower mounting hardware protrudes above the seat around 2 inches and this section with the adjustment bolt is a potential safety issue for the passenger in the event of a emergency or sudden stop. The Ultimate driver backrest does not have this configuration.

Stock Sissy Bar Pad Cover

We offer a new passenger pad cover that slips onto your stock pad and the stitching pattern and material matches your new Ultimate seat.

Ultimate Passenger Pad

The Ultimate passenger backrest pad comes with a easy to install bolt on adaptor plate kit, the large pad is 12" wide and 8" high and sits your passenger at a more correct back angle and provides an inch more room between the passenger and driver. It also mounts two inches higher than stock offering much better support and comfort.

Heated Seat Option

We offer both heated and non-heated seats. Heated seats plug into the factory Victory® accessory plug which is found on all Victory Touring models 2012 and newer. Ultimate seats for the Victory® are activated by switches installed in the seat. There are two separate switches installed on your seat. They control front and rear independently.

The Ultimate seat installs exactly like the stock Victory® Seat.